Chiara Mercuri, Middle School, Istituto Don Bosco Alassio.

You might be wondering: “What is it?”. Well, the answer to your question is very simple and now I will make myself clearer….

Andrea Demichelis is a young boy, who was born in 1993, from Laigueglia who studied at the Istituto Don Bosco Alassio and after his degree in 2012 he moved to Paris to study Finance, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development at the Paris ESLSCA Business School, and like he told us, thanks to one of his courses about water, he found out that 50/60% of the deaths in developing countries are directly related to water. At the the time, though, he discovered the many ways we have to purify water through renewable energies.

At this point Andrea has an idea, simple and innovative: create a search engine that would give to its users the opportunity to help people who need safe drinking water, but without making donations or payments. Elliot For Water was born from this idea, a search engine that works just like Google or Yahoo, with the difference that 60% of the profit is used to give access to the people in developing countries to pure water and to purify what is already there, which is usually polluted and full of bacteria; how?? Exactly like any other search engine, by surfing the web, the profit is made through the clicks of the users on the sponspored links, which on Elliot For Water are called Water Links. The results are provided by Bing.

This is the project that Andrea presented on Deember the 12th 2016 to the students of the Don Bosco Alassio, and that started in 2015. To start with, he explained the logo: the name “Elliot”, that has been chosen by Andrea Demichelis for this project, comes from Helios, the god of the sun in the ancient Greece and which is represented by the yellow circle with the point in the middle; this is the ancient symbol for the sun, which for Elliot For Water represents energy and life.

One way that Elliot For Water has to purify the water is the following: Elliot For Water buys a technology developed by Solwa, an Italian Start-up. The technology is a solar powered model that looks like a giant solar panel and that can purify water thanks to the energy of the sun, separating the pollutants from pure water thanks to the process of desalination.

A precious testimony for us, the youths, presented with enthusiasm, ottimism and a lot of hope.

….And so? What are you waiting for? Turn on your computer and set Elliot For Water as your default search engine! You can do it by simply clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page…With every click you can donate a drop of pure water to all those kids that now are dieing, and without paying anything…Donate a life!!! It doesn’t take much!!

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